Our attorneys represent individuals with a broad range of civil disputes. In civil disputes, a client seeks monetary damages, enforcement of a contract, or specific performance from another, as opposed to criminal sanctions. Before beginning the stressful and sometimes costly litigation, we will also determine if there are alternative resolution techniques to your case that could help to minimize the costs and anxiety that can come with lengthy litigation. Our civil litigation services include probate and trust contests, guardianships, family law, personal injury, real estate transactions, small claims, collections, employment and labor disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, contract disputes, and business disputes. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in all phases of civil litigation, including mediation and appeals. We will research the facts that caused the dispute and analyze them to identify the appropriate law and how it applies. We work closely with our clients to effectively manage and prepare your case, while pursuing the best course based on your objectives. Our attorneys will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and provide guidance on the potential obstacles involved in your case.

Slotegraaf Niehoff is here to help you manage any surprises or challenges with effective and efficient litigation strategies and techniques. We work with clients to prepare them for the unique experience of “going to court.” Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit and need consultation, are initiating a lawsuit, or need to defend a lawsuit, we will help you navigate the process every step of the way. We will be there to assist you in preparing to testify in court, attending a deposition, or responding to discovery requests. We will navigate settlement negotiations, pursue mediation, and work towards a resolution of your case in appropriate matters. We not only assist you in preparing for a trial, we work to prepare your witnesses to be the best advocates possible for your case. We use our experience in civil litigation to help you navigate through the complex world of litigation.