Family Law

We help families through the many legal challenges that may arise during life. Whether you are looking to establish your rights as a parent, obtain a divorce from your spouse, or protect your rights as a grandparent, our office is here for you. We provide legal representation and guidance through all stages of a domestic relations case, including communicating with opposing counsel and opposing parties, discovery, negotiations, mediation, contested hearings and post-dissolution matters. Our office is skilled at helping clients navigate this process while providing compassionate representation.

We provide legal representation for all major family law practice areas including divorces, legal separation, paternity actions, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, and related family and matrimonial law matters including custody, support, and parenting time. Our office represents all individuals involved in these matters, including the filing spouse, responding spouse, putative fathers, mothers, grandparents, de facto guardians, and third party intervenors. Our family law services also include guardianships, adoptions, appeals, mediation services, and Guardian Ad Litem services.

We are experienced in supporting clients through settlement negotiations, mediations, and court hearings. Our office works hard to provide alternatives to clients who do not want to end up at a contested court hearing. We will explore all the options available to our clients while continuing to prepare for a contested hearing should settlement negotiations fail.

We also offer Collaborative Law, sometimes referred to as “no court divorce,” as an alternative to the traditional approach. Both parties must agree to pursue a collaborative divorce, which allows the parties to work through the process together with the help of their attorneys and other needed professionals without intervention by the Court. This can often be a better approach as it allows the parties to craft the best resolution for their case.

Our office also helps clients utilize appropriate resources that are available to individuals in family law matters, such as supervised parenting time, individual or family counseling, or appointing a Guardian Ad Litem or parenting coordinator. Our attorneys are familiar with these resources and can provide guidance on when and how to utilize them.

Our Family Law Services include: