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Our seasoned legal experts stand ready to assist you with all matters pertaining to wills and trusts. Here at Slotegraaf Niehoff Law, we only handle legal issues that fall within our areas of expertise — ensuring the best assistance for our clients. We strive to specialize in a variety of distinct legal domains in our pursuit of offering exceptional services. For those reasons and more, clients all across Indiana can confidently depend on our team of legal professionals for assistance with their wills and trusts.

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What Is The Difference Between a Will and a Trust?

A will and a trust are two distinct estate planning documents that serve different purposes but are often used in tandem to secure an effective estate plan. A will is a legally binding document that allows a person to specify who will receive their property and assets upon their death. It appoints a personal representative or executor who carries out the instructions in the will during the probate process. 

A trust, on the other hand, is an estate planning tool that provides for the management and distribution of an individual’s assets during life, in the event of one’s own incapacity, and after death. Unlike wills, trusts often help avoid probate, provide asset protection, and can minimize taxes, thereby maintaining maximum flexibility for the beneficiaries. 

A trustee is appointed to manage the trust assets, which may range from modest estates to multi-million-dollar estates. Both wills and trusts may have tax implications, including potential estate taxes, which underscores the importance of effective tax planning.

How an Experienced Attorney Can Help Your Wills and Trusts

An attorney, specifically a trust and will attorney or estate planning attorney, can provide invaluable assistance in the creation, update, and execution of wills and trusts. These attorneys offer in-depth counseling, leveraging their firm grasp of estate law to help clients understand estate planning basics and choose the most suitable estate planning tools for their needs. They guide the client through the complete process, from the first step of gathering an inventory of assets to the final drafting of estate planning documents. 

Their services may extend to special needs planning, trust litigation, attorney medical powers, and appointing health care representatives in the case of living wills. The estate planning attorney’s role is not only to ensure clients’ wishes regarding property distribution are met but also to provide advice on minimizing taxes, protecting assets, and planning for future care needs. 

Attorneys can play a crucial role in ensuring clients’ estates, income, and property are handled properly upon death or incapacity, and the loved ones or beneficiaries of the clients receive the maximum benefits under the estate plans. With a deep understanding of the complexities of estate law, attorneys help secure the future for clients and their families, simplifying what can be a complex process and ensuring peace of mind for all involved.

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