Estate Planning & Asset Protection

We work with you to understand your values and how best to protect your assets and draft estate planning documents to effectuate your desired outcome. We will work with and encourage collaboration with your other professional advisors during this process.

An estate plan may include; business succession planning, charitable giving, simple and complex wills, powers of attorney, HIPAA releases, living wills, delegations of authority, trusts, and tax planning.

At some point in everyone’s life, difficult questions need to be answered. Proper estate planning not only puts your mind at ease that you have properly planned for your future, but also reduces stress and frustration for your loved ones as they deal with the administration of your estate.

Estate planning should be updated as your life changes. Significant life changes such as marriage, starting a family, divorce, changes to your financial situation, drastic changes in your or your family’s health, and deaths in the family are a good time to revisit your estate plan to ensure it remains relevant, and to ensure that your loved ones remain cared for and protected. Slotegraaf Niehoff is here to assist you with your estate planning needs as any of life’s changes arise.

Our estate planning, elder law and asset protection services include: